Vancouver Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery Vancouver: Where Urban Vibes Meet Mysterious Plots

Dive into the heart of Vancouver with Murder Mystery Vancouver! This bustling metropolis, set against a backdrop of mountain and sea, provides the perfect setting for our murder mystery events. From the trendy streets of Gastown to the scenic views of Stanley Park, our mysteries capture the diverse spirit of Vancouver.

Why Vancouver?

  1. Urban Excitement: Our mysteries reflect the dynamic energy of Vancouver, making each event a thrilling adventure amidst the city’s iconic landmarks.
  2. Personalized Experience: Whether you’re hosting a gathering in a sleek downtown venue or a casual affair in Kitsilano, we customize the mystery to fit your unique Vancouver setting.
  3. Versatile for Any Event: Vancouver’s diverse culture is echoed in our events, suitable for everything from corporate functions to inti

The Plot Thickens

Participants, guided by a sharp detective, navigate through clues and deceptions. Our professional actors, mingling incognito among the guests, enhance the atmosphere of intrigue. As the event progresses, everyone becomes part of the story, unraveling the mystery in a night filled with laughter, surprises, and the unique spirit of Vancouver. Join us for an unforgettable evening where you become both the audience and the sleuth in a captivating urban adventure.

In Vancouver, our Murder Mystery events extend beyond live settings into the virtual realm, offering an equally thrilling and engaging experience. Our virtual mysteries, perfect for remote teams, bring participants together online, fostering teamwork and problem-solving skills. These events are ideal for corporate team-building, where colleagues collaborate to solve a captivating mystery, enhancing communication and group dynamics. Whether in-person or virtual, our Murder Mysteries in Vancouver promise an unforgettable experience of intrigue and fun, tailored to the unique backdrop of this vibrant city.

“Everyone had a fantastic time and could not stop talking about the great time and non-stop laughs they had during the murder mystery. All of the actors were top notch and we would most definitely recommend Slixer and will most certainly book other events in the future. Cheers!”


President, Matrix Camps