Regina Murder Mystery

Regina Murder Mystery: Where Laughter Meets Intrigue in the Heart of the Prairies

Hilarious by nature; deadly by design! As the evening in Regina begins with the first sips of cocktails and echoes of playful laughter, the atmosphere at your chosen venue, be it a charming restaurant in the Cathedral area or a cozy lounge downtown, is light and sociable. But then, the unexpected happens – shots ring out, lights flicker, and a scream pierces the night. A hitman among us, in Regina? Is it a guest, perhaps someone from the historic Warehouse District, or even the bartender with that familiar prairie charm?


Could this be an inside job from within Regina’s friendly confines? The assailant, do they hit their mark or find themselves outplayed? The game is undeniably afoot, turning every casual glance and conversation into a clue.

Enter the detective, perhaps with the astuteness of a Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer, scanning the room, piecing together this prairie puzzle. Accusations may fly as easily as the Saskatchewan winds, but who will unravel the truth? Who masterminded this plan? What secrets lurk behind the façade of the seemingly innocuous? The questions mount – is the barkeep, familiar with every face in Regina, part of this? What about the authenticity of that seemingly Saskatchewan-style hairdo?

Comedy reigns supreme in this tale of mystery. Our Murder Mystery dinners, adaptable to lunches, tapas, or cocktail events, transform any Regina venue into a stage of suspense and hilarity. Whether it’s a popular eatery by Wascana Lake, a private home in the Heritage community, or a floating mystery on a dinner cruise ship, we tailor each event with a customized script and a troupe of professional actors.

These actors, blending in as guests, waitstaff, or perhaps as the barkeep with that well-known Regina smile, mingle incognito, setting the stage for an evening of unpredictable fun. One moment you’re chatting with a potential murderer or an unsuspecting victim; the next, you’re an innocent bystander as dramatic scenes unfold spontaneously around you.

As the evening nears its end, guests are given the chance to piece together the mystery before the actors lead us to a climactic revelation where the guilty are unveiled. It’s a night of mystery, laughter, and classic Regina hospitality – where every guest plays a part in uncovering the truth. Join us in Regina for a Murder Mystery event where the prairies meet the stage, and every participant is both audience and detective in this engaging, comedic thriller.

“Everyone had a fantastic time and could not stop talking about the great time and non-stop laughs they had during the murder mystery. All of the actors were top notch and we would most definitely recommend Slixer and will most certainly book other events in the future. Cheers!”


President, Matrix Camps