Murder Mystery


takes place during dinner, lunch, cocktails or any mysterious occasion.

Murder Mystery Dinners / Luncheons / Mystery Cruises / Corporate / Public Shows / Tech Enhanced / Locations Virtual Murder Mysteries

Hilarious by nature…deadly by design! The first cocktails of the evening…playful laughter, casual socializing… "Hahaha” and then…a sudden surprise as shots ring out! Was that a hitman? Was it a guest? Did the detective just take down a felon or eliminate a potential witness?

Could it be an inside job? Does he get the “hit” or does he get himself shot; from that moment on…it’s anybody’s game!

A homicide detective arrives and every eye scans for the guilty party. Who will reveal the truth and who will unveil the real culprit? Who hired him? Why? Should anyone beware? Has “fun” just begun? How long has the barkeep been employed? Who else is involved? Is that your real hair colour?