Manor House Murder


Manor House Mystery: Engage in a thrilling smartphone-based murder mystery game, perfect for team building and private parties. Fun, interactive, adaptable.


Manor House Mystery – An Interactive Smartphone-Based Murder Mystery Game

Product Name: Manor House Mystery

Product Overview: Manor House Mystery is an enthralling murder investigation game, played directly on participants’ smartphones. Set against the backdrop of the enigmatic Cadaver Manor, this game revolves around the mysterious death of Laura Norder, an internationally renowned lawyer, during a grand school reunion. Among the suspects are a high-profile property tycoon and a professional athlete, each with their own secrets.

Key Features:

  • Platform: Smartphone-based gameplay, accessible individually or in teams.
  • Event Type: Perfect for private entertainment with friends or as a corporate team-building exercise.
  • Game Theme: A classic whodunit set in a captivating manor environment.


  • Boosts Morale: Filled with fun and laughter, this game is a great way to enhance team spirit.
  • Encourages Participation: Players are actively engaged in solving puzzles and unraveling the mystery.
  • Problem-Solving: Challenges participants with intriguing problem-solving scenarios.
  • Relationship Building: Ideal for building and strengthening relationships within teams or groups.
  • Connects Teams: Promotes teamwork through collective deduction and strategy.
  • Adaptive Gameplay: Can be customized to suit the size and preferences of your group.
  • Large or Small Groups: Suitable for both intimate gatherings and larger team events.
  • Optional Actors: Enhance the experience with professional actors for a fully immersive virtual mystery.

Ideal Use Cases:

  • Private Parties: Transform your get-together into a thrilling murder mystery event.
  • Corporate Team Building: A unique way to foster collaboration and team bonding.
  • Special Events: Add an element of intrigue to reunions, anniversaries, or special occasions.

About the Game:

The discovery of Laura Norder’s body at Cadaver Manor sets the stage for an unforgettable adventure. Players will navigate through clues, interrogate suspects, and use their deductive skills to solve the mystery. The game’s interactive platform allows players to experience the thrill of a murder mystery from the safety and comfort of their smartphones, making it an ideal choice for virtual or hybrid events.

Bring the mystery of Manor House to your next event and experience the thrill of solving a high-profile murder case. Whether for bonding with friends or as a team-building exercise, Manor House Mystery promises an engaging and memorable experience for all involved.

Order Now: Dive into the mystery and intrigue of Manor House Mystery. Perfect for those who love a good detective story and enjoy the thrill of solving puzzles. Add this game to your cart and prepare for an experience to die for!