Murder Mystery Games


Unravel Mysteries Your Way with Our Two Unique Series!


For the Traditional Detective

Dive into the heart of mystery with our Classic Intrigue Series. Perfect for those who love the timeless charm of paper, pen, and imagination, these downloadable murder mystery games bring the thrill of sleuthing to your living room. No tech required – just a passion for puzzles and a flair for drama.

What You Get:

  • Intricately designed PDF game packs
  • Detailed instructions and character sheets
  • Engaging storylines set in captivating worlds
  • Perfect for a tech-free evening of fun and intrigue

Rediscover the classic joy of mystery parties. Ideal for family gatherings, team-building, or a unique night with friends.


For the Tech-Savvy Sleuths

Step into the future of interactive storytelling with our Enhanced Mystery Experiences. These aren’t just games; they’re gateways to another world. Using our specialized app, immerse yourself in a narrative that unfolds with video evidence, real-time story updates, augmented reality, and image recognition.

Experience Features:

  • A companion app to guide your adventure
  • Augmented reality clues that bring your surroundings to life
  • Video and audio evidence for deeper immersion
  • Real-time updates and twists to keep you on your toes
  • Ideal for tech enthusiasts and modern mystery lovers

Elevate your mystery-solving experience with technology. Perfect for an engaging party, an interactive date night, or a solo adventure.

Why Choose Murder Mystery Canada?

  • Unique and Diverse Themes: From the roaring 20s to futuristic escapades, our themes are as varied as they are thrilling.
  • Flexible Play Options: Host large groups, intimate gatherings, or solo adventures – our games adapt to your party size.
  • Unmatched Customer Support: Our team is here to ensure your mystery experience is seamless and unforgettable.
  • Innovative and Inclusive: We cater to both traditionalists and tech enthusiasts, offering something for every type of detective.

Ready to become a master detective? Select your series and download your mystery now!

“Everyone had a fantastic time and could not stop talking about the great time and non-stop laughs they had during the murder mystery. All of the actors were top notch and we would most definitely recommend Slixer and will most certainly book other events in the future. Cheers!”


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