Frequently Asked Questions: Dive Into the World of Interactive Murder Mystery

FAQ for Murder Mystery with a girl pointing a gun while on the floor in a stunning dress and high heels.

Q: Who are you and what exactly is this “mystery” concept?

A: We are a dynamic team of professional actors, writers, and producers specializing in crafting unique, interactive dinner theatre experiences. Our concept revolves around creating a custom mystery event, complete with incognito characters and subtly outrageous scenarios, tailored to provide maximum entertainment for your guests. Think of it as a live game where your guests are both the audience and part of the story!


Q: What happens during the event?

A: On the night of the event, our characters, disguised among guests and staff, subtly blend into the crowd. The evening begins with a brief by our Host on the game’s rules, followed by an unexpected turn of events that sets the mystery in motion. Our special Detective leads the investigation, spurring laughter with clever responses and insightful observations. Guests witness “private” conversations and “heated” discussions, getting a chance to interrogate characters and solve the mystery. The evening is a blend of dinner, interactive performance, and a final revelation where the best detective is crowned, and the mystery is solved.


Q: For what occasions is a murder mystery suitable?

A: Our murder mysteries are perfect for a wide range of events – from employee gatherings and Christmas parties to team-building sessions, conventions, birthdays, special events, private parties, and media launches. They work exceptionally well alongside dinner and bar service, acting as mixers, entertainment highlights, or enjoyable social events for groups of any size, for dinners, cocktail parties, luncheons or even entire weekends.


Q: Where can one host a murder mystery?

A: A murder mystery can be hosted in a variety of venues – from private homes to castles, hotels, offices, community halls, buses, or trains. Our troupes regularly perform in major cities like Toronto, Calgary, Montreal, and Vancouver, in venues like Prospect Point, Alfredo’s, The Hornby Banquet & Conference Centre, and on Harbour Princess and Champagne Cruises. We collaborate with catering staff to ensure a seamless experience and can assist in finding the perfect venue for your event.


Q: Why choose Murder Mystery Canada (a division of Sixer Entertainment Inc.) for my event?

A: Our reputation is well-established and distinguished for several reasons:

– We are part of the largest providers of mystery dinners nationally since 2000.

– Our productions are unique, top-quality, and custom-designed.

– Our team consists of professional actors currently active in film, theatre, and media.

– We have successfully designed events for a diverse range of clients, in multiple languages.


Q: How many people have experienced your events?

A: Tens of thousands of guests have enjoyed our events, and our client list is extensive and varied. We’ve entertained a wide spectrum of audiences and are happy to provide references from our satisfied, repeat customers.


Q: What’s the cost for hosting a murder mystery event?

A: Fees vary based on factors like the number of guests and location. However, we pride ourselves on offering unique, cost-effective, and highly entertaining events that are always appreciated. Contact us for a customized quote tailored to your specific event needs.


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