Murder Mystery Dinners


The plot thickens... 

Sexy girls showing off their kill!Our hilarious live entertainment has a twist, along with our witty detective, you can figure out who is up to no good and who is just a guest, busboy, barkeep...or who knows?

The clues will be plentiful and authentic and the prize worth the hunt. You will enjoy a delicious three course meal while murder and mayhem happen sporadically around you.

A host will greet guests and provide all the information they will need to enjoy their evening and try to figure out “Whodunit?” After all hell breaks loose, the detective then uses wit and humour along with physical comedy to guide the audience through to the cataclysmic conclusion

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  •   Three Course Dinner

  •   Professional Actors
  •   Abundance of Live Action
  •   Clues, Twists, Turns,
  •   Murder, Mystery, Mayhem
  •   Prize for the Best Solution

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